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Wedding Car


They’re both lovers of live music

At a Fratellis concert’s where they met

Six years have passed since that fateful night

But it’s one they won’t forget

Good friends they were to start with

But the feelings grew and grew

And when he proposed in Cancun

She could only say ‘I do!’

She’s a hair technician

He’s a plumbing handy man

He makes her feel so happy

And laugh like no one can 

He says that she’s too nosey

And calls her his ‘wee geek’

She says he’s always fixing his hair

And should watch out with his cheek

He’s a gym going regular

And hits the boxing pads for hours

She loves her McThursday nuggets treat

With a dip of sweet n sour 

He follows the Glasgow Rangers

She loves reality TV

So now the big dilemma

Is watching Love Island or Stevie G.

They enjoy their romantic getaways

And both eating out for dinner

So in finding love with one another

They’ve really picked a winner

The laddie from the East coast

And the lassie from the West

Have settled down in Whitburn

And have a life that’s truly blessed

And on this day with wedding vows

They’ve pledged to be as one

And joined as Mr and Mrs Cullen

In the Santorini sun

They’re both not wholly perfect

But who are we to judge

When you meet the one that takes your heart

You never want to budge 

And after all that’s said and done

They love their times together 

So I hope as much as you do

That it stays this way forever

He’ll be more than just her husband

He’ll also be her friend

And she’ll be more than just his wife

She’ll be his soul mate til the end.

Flower Arrangement


Elizabeth Barr was much more than just Granny Betty to me

And to the great grandkids she was known as the Great Granny B.

She was my friend and my confidant and a woman who I greatly respected

But if I stepped out of line, the bottom of her slipper I feared and expected!

Friday nights at her house meant getting spoilt rotten

Those ice cream floats with Irn Bru won't be forgotten.

And getting a cone off the van, or two to be exact

As her trusty wee dog Dusty, got in on the act!

In Glasgow's East End she made the greatest macaroni cheese.

Second helpings were always met with 'Yes Granny, please!'

Sleepovers could be somewhat of an ordeal for me,

As I was tucked in so tight, I couldn't get up for a pee!

But there was always a hot water bottle down at my feet,

As a kinder and better person, you'd struggle to meet.

I loved our long walks together where we'd sing and eat sweets,

That you'd brought in your pocket to give me a treat.

With your black curly hair and sallow skin that would glisten,

I'd close my eyes when you sang and just want to listen.

I can hear you now with your sayings in that great Scottish tongue,

'Haud yer wheesht' you would say when I was ever so young!

And one of the many things I really will miss...

You wiping your mouth and saying 'Yuck' after every wee kiss!

Your sound advice will stay with me as I travel on life's path

Keep smiling, stay strong and remember to laugh.

And now as I say goodbye, I'll take a moment to think...

Rest in peace my dear Granny and enjoy your 'wee forty winks'.

Colorful Birthday Party

60th Birthday 

So you’ve arrived at the milestone of 60 years old,

And you’re looking fantastic if I might be so bold.

A Sister, a Mother, a Nanna and a Wife,

You’ve accomplished a lot thus far in your life. 

Not yet quite at that age where you’re drawing your pension,

But there’s 9 years between us, I really must mention!

Looking back on our childhood, you were my rock when Mum died,

Giving me love and support, wiping tears when I cried.

Making me clothes and cutting my hair,

Though some of those outfits were well dodgy to be fair! 

And when I used up your records to keep warm and they melted,

You didn’t go too mad, I was expecting to get belted! 

When listening to ELO up high, I’d be rudely awoken,

But you’d be scoffing chicken and chips so no words would be spoken.

On my wedding day you stood in for Mum which helped me to smile,

Seeing Dad for the last time as we walked down the aisle.

And now you love baking and produce many a nice cake,

Not ideal for the bikini body on all those holidays you take.

But life is for living, so enjoy your big day,

Much love always from Del, Chelsea, Lucy and I’d just like to say.

That you’re not just my sister, you’re my  greatest best friend,

So happy birthday Dear Catherine, all my love I do send. 


Leaving for a new job

So oor Sharon fae Govan is flying the nest.

After 6 years at Shelter, she’s needing a rest.

All these Twitter wars with Councillors about housing and gatekeeping,

Have taken their toll and she’s no longer sleeping!

The team will fair miss her and those wonderful ways,

The air turning blue with her unique turn of phrase! 

From creating the ‘shelf of shite’ and it’s collection of tat,

Including Juan the Spanish Dancer and the Sergei Meerkat.

To her legendary costumes she wore each Halloween.

Her Penfold and Art Gartfunkel were a remarkable scene!

From her love of Tequila Tuesdays to a pint and Jack D,

The hub just won’t be the same, I’m sure you’ll agree.

With her passion and drive and speaking her mind,

She’s well loved and respected, she’s one of a kind.

So we all wish you well as your time with us ends

Please remember us fondly, not just as colleagues but good friends! 

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