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Fir The Love O'Trees (Autumnal Thoughts)

It’s nae secret tae tell ye I canny resist,

A lang trek in a forest, bein a right nemophilist.

I cud saunter in the woods fir mair than a while,

Bein a lover o’nature and a pure dendrophile.

If ye saw me at weekends, ye might think me quite smug,

Wi’ a big smile oan ma face fae giein’ a tree a guid hug!

But dinnae knock it til ye try it, it’s a woody sensation,

And there’s mair than enough tae go roon, in oor green leafy nation.

Fae Scots Pine, Noble Fir, Oak, Larch n’ Spruce,

There’s nae excuse tae be mopin’ aboot stuck in the hoose!

Jist grab yer cagoule n’ sturdy boots n’take it fae me,

Ye’ll feel oan tap o’ the world when yer pals wi a tree.

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