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Greetings Fae Bonnie Scotland

Greetings Fae Bonnie Scotland

Greetings Fae Scotland Card


Poem Inside:



Greetings fae Bonnie Scotland tae aw youse back hame,

Tae no huv ye here wi’ us, is a real cryin’ shame. 


There’s moontains n’ glens n’ a haunful o’ Lochs,

An’ they say words like ‘Eejit’, ‘Bahoochie’ n’ ‘Och’! 


The people ur aw friendly n’ their patter is braw, 

An every day ye’ll be guaranteed some rain, hail n’ snaw. 


It’s a pure brilliant wee country n’ wan thing is true, 

It’s a place that shud be visited by a stoater like you!

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