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Happy Braw Maw Day

Happy Braw Maw Day

Mother's Day Card


Poem Inside:


Here’s tae a Braw Maw that’s jist oot o’ this earth,

Ye’ve bin there withoot fail since the day o’ ma birth.

Ye’ve fed me, n’ claithed me, n’ wiped ma bare bum,

Bin a shooder tae cry oan when I wis feelin’ aw glum.


When I wis too cheeky, ma ear goat a bashin’,

Ye didnae haud back wi’ a lowpin’ tongue lashin!

So it’s only jist right that ye git a wee day,

Tae be spoilt wi nice flooers n’ Ferrero Rocher.

Pit yer feet up, huv a cuppa n’ dae nothin’ at aw,

Much love n’ appreciation tae ma gallus wee Maw!

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