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Ye Passed Yer Exams

Ye Passed Yer Exams

Congratulations On Passing Exams Card


Poem Inside:


Clever clogs, swotty pants, ye’ve goat a massive brain,

Pride of the hale faimily, the smartest kind of wean.


Ye studied hard, put in the oors n’ noo ye’ve bin rewarded

The future’s lookin’ gallus wi’ those grades ye’ve bin awarded.


Ye kin choose exactly whit career tae follow or joab ye want tae do,

By proving that yer a match fir Einstein when it comes tae high IQ.


So well done tae ye, ye kin relax fir noo n’ feel a bit relieved,

Ye should be proud of aw yer efforts n’ whit ye huv achieved! 


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