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Ye Passed Yer Test

Ye Passed Yer Test

Congratulations On Passing Driving Test Card


Poem Inside:


So ye’ve goat through yer test n’ noo yer alood,

Tae drive aboot further than yer ain neighbourhood.


The ‘L’ plates are aff an yer ready furra tour,

Drivin’ at speeds of mare than jist 30 an hoor!


Ye kin take yer Gran tae the bingo or yer Maw tae the Aldi.

Or pick up yer mates and gi’ it some laldi.


Wi’ the tunes blarin’ oot n the windaes aw doon,

Ye kin cruise roon the streets of the nearest big toon.


Big dinnae go mad n’ get done fir yon speedin’

Cos 3 points on yer new licence is the last thing yer needin’!

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